Re: GNOME in the Year of the Monkey

<quote who="Sri Ramkrishna">

> > I think KDE e.V. are in pretty much the same situation the GNOME
> > Foundation would be if a GNOME dude did something as silly as this. One
> > would hope that this guy is sensible enough to figure out that
> > unwarranted spitefulness between the projects is unwanted, and that he
> > may be adversely affecting the good relationship between KDE and GNOME.
> > Perhaps a bit of peer pressure from some of the more mature KDE hackers
> > could help, too.
> A joint press release condemning the whole matter might be good.

Noooooo way! :-) You'd be taking a stupid little example of the "Desktop
War" (that doesn't really exist, but any excuse to talk about it seems to be
attractive to journalists), and putting it in front of all kinds of people
who really don't know the situation in totality. It's *really* not worth it.
It would just draw attention to something that really shouldn't have any.

- Jeff

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