Re: GNOME in the Year of the Monkey

> > A joint press release condemning the whole matter might be good.
> Noooooo way! :-) You'd be taking a stupid little example of the "Desktop
> War" (that doesn't really exist, but any excuse to talk about it seems to be
> attractive to journalists), and putting it in front of all kinds of people
> who really don't know the situation in totality. It's *really* not worth it.
> It would just draw attention to something that really shouldn't have any.

hehe..  although strictly speaking  it's two desktops showing disapproval 
to a person doing something unethical.  But sure, I can see where 
journalists would spin this into something to generate hits for them.  
Bastards.  Maybe a press release condemning the press might be better. 


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