Re: Licensing and copyright

On Sat, 2004-02-21 at 04:44, Rob Adams wrote:
> Actually American copyright law is probably the strongest in the world
> in terms of protecting rights of copyright holders.  If you're a
> copyright holder, the US is really the place to be.

That is not something that most people need to worry about. Due to WIPO
agreements and the Berne convention, for most countries, holding
copyright privileges (for written works; things like performing arts are
a little trickier) in your own country implies that you automatically
receive full local protection in the jurisdiction of other signatories.

So anything I hold the copyright on under Australian law is provided
with the full protection of US copyright law in the USA (and only that
-- I obviously cannot enforce Australian copyright law in the US),
similarly for Canadian law in Canada, etc. Finding a GNOME contributor
in a country not covered by one of these provisions is left as an


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