Re: Licensing and copyright

I don't believe that any part of GNOME is currently an FSF copyrighted
package.  However, would the FSF be interested in receiving copyrights
in parts of GNOME by authors interested in making these assignments?  In
practice, I don't think that this would happen very often.  If not,
would if be worthwhile for the GNOME Foundation to fill this role?

On Sun, 2004-02-22 at 17:41 -0500, Richard Stallman wrote:

> Some GNU packages are FSF-copyrighted, and some are not.  For those
> which are not, typically the authors keep the copyright, but they
> could do something else instead.
> For those packages which are FSF-copyrighted, we already have a sysem
> in place for handling the copyright assignments.  It is described in
> the file maintain.texi, which I believe can be found in
>  The maintainers look at each
> contribution, decide what sort of papers are needed (if any, since tiny
> changes don't require papers), and get papers signed *before* installing
> the contribution.
> If a part of GNOME is an FSF-copyrighted package, we would follow this
> system.

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