Re: Licensing and copyright

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your answers. I will not be able to answer other emails to stop 
posting to the list.

> For practical decisions, it makes more sense to decide
> based on the outcomes that are likely to happen.

You are right. Just another example [there are numerous of them]:

With Gnome being installed in future BIOS within 10 years, the statistics for 
a potential problem (ex: physical injury) in the U.S.A. is closer to one 
rather than zero.

Even after assignment, the original author may have to show-up in court.

>  The pros and cons of concentrating ownership in a single entity (be it
> the FSF) and in a single country (be it the United-States) need to be
> studied in more details. Probably by a professor in law.
> Professor Moglen has studied them, and our policies are based on his
> advice.

I am not opposed to the GPL, only to an assignment under the American laws.

Does Professor Moglen advice to concentrate ownership of free softwares under 
the umbrella of the American laws? Does he study the liabilities of non-US 

Any link?

Again, I am only asking for a more precise HOWTO that would take into account 
all legal aspects of an assignment for non-US residents, not only copyright 


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