Re: Licensing and copyright

> > I was raising attention about other issues: the need for non-US residents
> > to comply with the laws of the United-States, even after assignment.
> > The issue at hand is assigning copyright, whether and how to do so.
> >
> > As you have pointed out, assigning copyright has no effect on other
> > laws of various countries.  So let's not mix up these separate
> > and unrelated issues.
> With all my respect, I don't believe so.

Good grief!  RMS gets his information from a lawyer.  That too, a noted 
MIT professor of law.  (who, also probably understands international laws 
too) I think he knows what he's talking about.

> Whenever the assigned copyrights are included into the FSF assets or just 
> because they are a donation, they fall under American laws. 

I'll tell you what, go and do some research and give us the scoop and give 
us a nice reference to where it supports your point.  All of us will wait 
with bated breath.

> People signing an assignment should be aware of the side-effects. At
> least the FSF assignment HOWTO should mention that the assigned
> softwares fall under all American laws.
> Not only copyright laws.

Of course, you're a copyright lawyer and know all about this stuff.  This 
is _your_ _opinion_.  Go find a lawyer and have him post and say you're 

Otherwise, stop this thread.


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