Re: Licensing and copyright

Le Jeudi 26 Février 2004 18:30, Sri Ramkrishna a écrit :
> Good grief!  RMS gets his information from a lawyer.  That too, a noted
> MIT professor of law.  (who, also probably understands international laws
> too) I think he knows what he's talking about.

We are not dicussing copyright here.
Only liability of non-US residents in other cases than copyright.

If A (French citizen) gives B (software) to C (American foundation), then
B is placed under US laws because it belongs to C.

This is interesting if D (anybody) tries to steal your software.
But if B creates a problem in a hostpital and E (an american citizen) dies

then F (an american judge) may prossecute A directly.

Free software means: think by yourself.

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