Bug Buddy "I should be there, baby!" 2.2.100 released

Hello, and welcome to the first release of the year (and happy new year!)

Bug Buddy "I should be there, baby!" 2.2.100 is out!
Bug Buddy is the GNOME bug reporting tool.

We are very near to GNOME 2.2 release. So this version is ui and string

Please, try it a lot, and of course, reports bugs using itseft!
        and if you want to know about the release name... read the bottom of
the announcement!

  * Fixes:

	- Workaround for all-applications gnome-vfs bug.

	- Change "Refresh" button to "Update" (bug #101693).

	- Some text corrections (bugs #86410, #99564)

  * Improvements:

	- When reporting a bug from scratch, after the app is selected, if 
	  the component is known, preselect it. Thanks to Kristian Rietveld

	- Use the GNOME 2 cool logo for GNOME products.



About "I should be there, baby!"

No, this time the release code-name is not the title of a beautiful song from
Tom Waits neither a Mozart's opera as I would like to name all of them. The
name is the reality: that I should be there, in Granada, this nigth, with my
baby, but I can't.


Fernando Herrera de las Heras
Onírica: análisis, diseño e implantación de soluciones informáticas

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