Gnumeric 1.1.15

Gnumeric 1.1.15 aka '1.2.0 will be delayed' is now available.

    Sigh, so much for the accuracy of my worst case estimate on the next stable
    release of Gnumeric.  Were it not for our troubles finding a gnome-2
    graphing engine things would have released long ago.  The core is in great
    shape and getting better by the day.  Frankly its raining features.  Things
    like pivots, extended conditionals and 100% XL function coverage are now in
    easy range.  Thankfully graphs are starting to sort out.  More news soon.

    This release is mainly patches to clean up some of the instability that
    crept in with the parser and autofilter changes.  It has seen more testing
    and should again be stable enough for general kicking around.

    NOTE : Although this is a development release it should be quite
      stable.  There are is still feature regressions from 1.0
      (porting graphs to gtk2) but other than that this release should
      be usable.  Please play with it.

	* Fix some XL95 object issues.
	* Find a few undocumented corners of XL's format.
	* Fix XL97 export of validation and filters for simple sheets.
	* Misc screwups with autofilters
	* Ins/Del Col/Row now does mostly the right thing with filters.
	* Ins/Del Col/Row now handles frozen panes.
	* Lower right of merge extends sheet bounds.
	* Fix parser's handling of unknown function.
	* Remove unnecessary new/free of dates.

Jon Kåre:
	* Open DB connections read only.
	* Improve password dialog.
	* Show password dialog also for files given on command line.

	* Fix crash when no undo information is wanted.
	* Clean up NULL/FALSE confusion all over.

Nicolas Peninguy:
	* Move the generation of the standard formats into StyleFormat

* Availability

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