ANNOUNCE: TiLP - Ti Linking Program 6.00-stable

		[ Release notes ]

Previous version: 5.17-devel (20/05/2002)
Current version:  6.00       (17/12/2002)

TiLP is available for 3 platforms as a native program: 
Linux (GTK), Windows (MFC) and Mac OS-X (Cocoa).
It will be available for FreeBSD soon...

If you have a SilverLink cable (TI-GRAPH LINK USB), you will need to
a Linux/Win32/Mac OS-X driver on the Linux Programmer Group at 

For the other link cables, no driver is needed because it's provided.


	SilverLink owners must upgrade to driver v2.2 !


	- a _completely_ rewritten calculator support (libticalcs)
	- nice icons thanks to Jesse Palmer
	- error messages are more explicit now
	- GUI clean-up
	- [Linux]: libusb support improved for SilverLink
	- [Linux]: added icons & WM support
	- the usual bug fixes

New capabilities:

	- grouping/ungrouping/displaying of files
	- V200 support
	- clock support for AMS208 (incomplete like TI-Connect !)
	- the ability to save a working directory
	- display file type in right window
	- user's manual and FAQ in html format
	- new library: libtifiles
	- receiving variables as single or grouped files
	- bookmarks
	- [Linux]: a new plug-ins mechanism
	- [Linux]: tiser module is no longer needed for serial/BlackLink cable

Known problems:

	- [Linux]: the timeout value can not be changed with kernel modules.
	Consequently, OS upgrades will fail...

Future capabilities:

	- [Linux]: a lot of plugins for loading/modifying/saving TI variables.
	- migrate from GTK 1.2 to 2.0 (Linux)

Bug report:

If you think that you have found a bug, please report it. This allows me to

improve TiLP and make it better.
Feel free to mail me, I always reply to mails.

It seems that some guys have backup problems with TI89/92+. If you have 
installed a kernel or some other assembly program which modify the FLASH
RAM memory, this may explain your problem. But, mail me anyways.


See the User's Manual...

The TiLP project by the TiLP team <>.

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