ANNOUNCE: MDB Tools version 0.5

The MDB Tools Project is pleased to announce the release of MDB Tools
version 0.5

MDB Tools is a suite of libraries and programs to facilitate access to
Microsoft Access databases (MDB databases) on Linux and Unix.  MDB Tools
supports importation of Access schema and data to other databases such as
PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, and others.  More information can be found at

New items in this release include:

Our graphical interface got an update to Gnome 2.0 and libglade.  The
debugger now supports back/forward navigation to traverse the database.
More page types are also now dissected.  The SQL window now supports
loading/saving queries, and saving results. General clean ups and
usability fixes.

Fast Reads
Large databases should read faster because we are using the page
allocation maps to traverse.  export CFLAGS=-DSLOW_READ to get old

We now have man pages for the command line utilities.  A new FAQ is
available and an Installation Guide covers installation and configuration
for specific tasks. gmdb2 has a manual as well.

Jet 4 fixes
Jet 4 (Access 2000/2002) support was enhanced with the addition of
arbitrary precision numerics, bug fixes for memo fields, and support for
large tables.

command line utilities
The command line programs got updates, new options, and fixes.  In
particular mdb-sql got some new functionality.

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