ANNOUNCE: gmmusic 1.1.91


gmmusic 1.1.91


A Gnomified music collection database, based on PostgreSQL.
It maintains your entire music collection, consisting of
tapes, CDs, LPs, Singles and even Minidiscs. freedb support
is also included as well as the ability to print nice CD-ROM
trays and inv


- split into packages gmmusic and mmusic for implementation of new
  such as a Gnome2 version of gmmusic


- Because of reported problems with Gtk-Perl < 0.7008, at least 0.7008 is
  needed for now
- Fixed some rules for building Debian packages (still need some help,
  please report what packages gmmusic depends on on Debian)
- Updates in database (9.5):
  * fixed error: "you don't have permissions to set sequence..."
  * PostgreSQL 7.3 no longer supports the datetime type ('timestamp
    time zone' is used now, function 'datetime' is replaced by
- backend (mmusic) updated to 1.1.20
- minor fix in bin/Makefile.PL for new versions of ExtUtils::MakeMaker


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