ANNOUNCE: Firestarter 0.9.1

About Firestarter

  Firestarter is visual firewall tool for GNOME. The program features
  a friendly setup wizard, a real time hit monitor, an advanced rules
  based system for traffic shaping and many advanced features like
  kernel tuning, NAT and port forwarding setup tools.

Changes in this version

  - GNOME Notification Area support (RH 8.x, GNOME 2.2)
  - Firewall improvements, including default aggresive port stealthing
  - Reliability and usability improvements:
    - Refreshes the firewall on a DHCP lease renewal
    - Much better handling and feedback in unexpected situations
    - Reliable status display, syncs with system services
    - Many GUI changes, including some HIG fixes
  - A new much improved manual is available, viewable at:
  - Many bug fixes


  Firestarter is available from
  Program screenshot:

Tomas Junnonen

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