Announcement: system-config-schedule 0.0.1 is ready.


System-config-schedule 0.0.1 is now ready.

- Description -
System-config-schedule is a GUI for configuring a users crontab.
It was started as a proposal for the schedule configuration needed for
Fedora. Fedora uses Vixie crontab, but it should work with other cron
servers aswell if the format of the config file is similar. The crontab
is installed by using a secure temporary file which is installed by
running 'crontab /tmp/file'. The crontab is read by using crontab -l.

The format of the name, system-config-schedule, follows the format of
the other configuration tools for Fedora.

It is written in Python using pygtk.

- Features -
* Parse common or easy time expression into easy readable lines like:
"Every month".
* If you run it as root you may change to another users crontab.
* Simple and advanced mode. Where the advanced mode shows an overview
and the time expression as it would look in a regular crontab
configuration file.
* Add, delete and edit jobs.
* Titles of jobs by adding a comment after each job
* Commonly used time expression in radio buttons with customizable
arguments like 'Run every [ ] hour' in the add/edit dialog.
* No output checkbox adds a '>/dev/null 2>&1' to the command(and removes
it if you deselect it).
* Advanced mode where you can edit the expression by typing them in.
* If you install it with 'make install' you get the pam authentication
box asking for root password or if you want to run it unprivileged.

- Screenshots -

- wget? -
You can get a CVS snapshot at:

And the current version at:

- Developers -
Gaute Hope < eg at gaute dot eu dot org >
Philip Van Hoof < spam at freax dot org >

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