ANNOUNCE: System schedule configurator 0.0.1

(GNOME) System schedule (configuration)

Note from the authors

This is the first public release.

The main purpose of this release is testing. So the more people are
going to be testing this application, the better the next release will
be (duh).

There are already a few HIG fixes in CVS. For the real testers we
recommend using the CVS snapshot tarball. But you are free to use the
0.0.1 release, of course.

At this moment there is no anonymous cvs access provided. We are still
investigating which CVS repository service provider we are going to be
using. For the time being we will be using our own private servers.
However note that the CVS snapshot tarballs are generated on the fly
(which basically means that it's the latest development code). I hope my
server will hold the load you people are going to generate :). I assume
that it will not get slashdot-like. hehe..

We are investigating whether to use or the CVS services of RedHat (we
already proposed this at RedHat, this is a valid option because the
application looks a lot like most Fedora system-config-* tools) or
sourceforge or GNOME. You are free to make suggestions.


System-config-schedule is a GUI for configuring a users crontab.
It was made for Vixie cron whom comes with Fedora Linux, but should work
with other cron servers aswell if the format of the config file is
similar. The crontab is installed by using a secure temporary file which
is installed by running 'crontab /tmp/file'. The crontab is read by
using crontab -l.

The format of the name, system-config-schedule, follows the format of
the other configuration tools for Fedora.

It is written in Python using pygtk.

- Parse common or easy time expression into easy readable lines like:
"Every month"
- If you run it as root you may change to another users crontab
- Simple and advanced mode. Where the advanced mode shows an overview
and the time expression as it would look in a regular crontab
configuration file
- Add, delete and edit jobs.
- Titles of jobs by adding a comment after each job
- Commonly used time expression in radio buttons with customizable
arguments like 'Run every [ ] hour' in the add/edit dialog.
- No output checkbox adds a '>/dev/null 2>&1' to the command(and removes
it if you deselect it)
- Advanced mode where you can edit the expression by typing them in.


- You can get a CVS snapshot at:

- And the current version at:

Current Authors
Developer: Gaute Hope Gaute Hope < eg  a.t  gaute dot eu  d.o.t   o.r.g>
Developer: Philip Van Hoof < me a.t  freax d.o.t  o.r.g >

Missing features:
Being the very first release, this version is missing translations other
than the default English one.

Planned features:
Support for the at schedule. We are still investigation whether or not
it's best to create a new GUI application for the at schedule, or
include support in this application. Nevertheless we are planning to
create such a GUI/Tool.

ps. We are very VERY interested in comments, help, translations and
stuff like that. 

Philip Van Hoof, Software Developer @ Cronos
home: me at freax dot org
work: Philip dot VanHoof at cronos dot be,

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