ANNOUNCE: GNOME Phone Manager 0.4

Phone Manager allows you to send and receive text (SMS) messages from
the desktop, connecting to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, serial or

This release incorporates interface enhancements.  See below for
detailed changes.

More details are available at

Screenshots are available at

Tarballs are available at

Debian packages (against Debian sid) are available at

Mailing list is available at

Changes in this release:

gnome-phone-manager 0.4

 * User interface style improvements.

 * Add preference for whether or not to receive popup dialogs.

 * Add optional audible alert of message.

 * Now supports most Latin 1 characters in messages.

 * Makes serial-port timeout more generous and empties message queue
   before reconnection.

 * Warns if notification area not present.

-- Edd

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