ANNOUNCE: Gossip 0.7.6

Imendio is very happy to announce version 0.7.6 of our instant messaging
client Gossip!

Gossip is an instant messaging client for GNOME with an easy-to-use
interface, providing users of the GNOME Desktop with a friendly way to
keep in touch with their friends.

This release has had quite a few updates since the last release about 2
months ago. For people using the group chats this release will include a
couple of fixes for the most obvious bugs. Unfortunately there is still
a bit of work to get them to work perfectly.

This release also includes support to edit your own vcard thanks to
Martyn Russel who provided a patch for this. Ross Burton added a feature
that a lot of people have asked for and that is the possibility to
resubscribe to a contact if the subscription isn't both ways.

Furthermore there has been a number of smaller bug fixes and a couple of
very rare crashes has been found and fixed. I also took some time and
fixed a couple of smaller things that makes the entire experience of
using Gossip better.

Full list of fixes in 0.7.6:
 * Lot of bug fixing gone into the Group Chats (Micke)
 * Drag contacts from roster to chat windows to start a chat (Micke)
 * Show new message icon as window icon when new message 
   arrived (Sergey Dolgopolov)
 * Crash fixes (Micke)
 * Allow IP-numbers as hostpart of the JID (Fabio Bonelli)
 * Added copy&paste to chat windows. (Micke)
 * Fixed drawing error in chat windows tabs with certain themes 
 * Shrink chat windows after long messages has been sent 
   (Micke, Lionel Henry)
 * Store log files as lowercase JID. (Micke)
 * Resubscribe support if subscription isn't both way (Ross Burton)
 * Show presence icon in new message popup list (Micke)
 * Added support for editing your own vCard (Martyn Russel, Micke)
 * New translations (en_CA, uk, eo, ar)
 * Updated translations:
   (lt, cs, en_GB, nl, ca, pt_BR, sv, zh_CN, da, pl, pt)

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