Re: Hi everyone!

Diego Damunt Romero wrote:
> Hi,
> My name's Diego Damunt Romero and I'd like to join the Gnome movement by
> contributing in the development of new software. I suppose the right way to
> go is reading the GTK tutorial and reading the gnome programming documents
> by Miguel de Icaza later. Do I need to read anything more?

I would definately recommend looking at header files that come with
gnome-libs and gtk+.  What I do is usually have two xterms open.  One
xterm is set to my gtk+/gtk (or gnome-libs/libgnome and libgnomeui)
directory, the other to where my program that I'm compiling is.  When
you can't figure out something you want done always check testgtk.c (in
gtk+/gtk directory) and the sample programs that come with gtk.  The
GIMP's source code has also helped me a number of times.


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