Re: Creating gnome based apps

On  2 Apr, greg wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am trying to learn how to use gnome.  I have started doing some of the examples in the gnome docs, but there is no mention on how to compile gnome based apps. (The one I have been working on is the gnome_canvas example).
> I include gnome.h in my app but it doesn't tell me what libs I need to link in.  Does gnome-config work in the same way as gtk-config?  If so then how do you make it work?
> Thanks to anyone who can lead me to programming happiness:-)
> Greg

I do like this:

gcc -g `gnome-config --cflags gnome gnomeui` -c file.c

then link:
gcc -g `gnome-config --libs gnome gnomeui` file.o -o my_gnome_app

You can run gnome-config --help to see what options you can use.

Hope it helps

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