Re: Gnome Mail clients (Re: Is Balsa alive?)

On Tue, 06 Apr 1999 19:02:03 +0200, Bertrand Guiheneuf wrote:

>Conversely, the mail library which is 50% ready will be CORBAified 
>usable in place of libmutt in balsa.  

Hmm...  Just so we don't duplicate effort, how would this library 
relate to a potential libmailcheck framework?  I'm making slow but 
steady progress towards an implementation of the mailcheck design we 
hashed out on gnome-devel-list last month (it should be on CVS in a 
few days for others to hack on, once I get it to compile on my 
machine:) ).

Checking for new mail is a subset of a generalized mail library, but 
do we want it in any case?  My assumption all along has been that 
once it is stabilized, it would go into gnome-libs/gnome-core, along 
with the mailcheck applet, etc.  Would your library be folded into 
the "core" GNOME distribution, or would it stay with the mail client?

If you've done the work for a general mail framework, that's great, 
but do people want me to continue work on the mail-checker?


Russell Steinthal
<>		Columbia College Class of 1999
<>		System Administrator, AV-Network

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