Re: Gnome Mail clients (Re: Is Balsa alive?)

Hi Russell,

No, there is no reason why you should stop developping your library.

Checking for mail and reading/sending mail on all kind of store/server
are not exactely the same. But the best reason why you should not stop
is that a 15% coded project is nearly not more than vaporware.
(and this is actually the status of "groomf", my client)
I always thaught that, until a package is distributed and runnable, one must
consider it does not exist. 

If Empath was not announced yesterday I would never have announced 
anything about this library. I just wanted other Gnomers to know that
another mailer may be available in a couple of months.... Maybe.
And I wanted to tell potential coders that sources were available on demand.

I know some people here are a bit worried about the lack of a decent
mail client within the Gnome Environment, and I just wanted them to know that 
active projects exist.

Sorry for the trouble.


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