Re: [Michael Bacarella <mbac nyct net>] GNOME architectural suggestion..

> Wouldn't this be easier if you could just tell the user "ok, click START,
> click Internet, click E-Mail, click Configure" and once they set it all
> up, it is stored in a standard location. Then, when the user goes to check
> their mail, the e-mail client will just load the config from the system
> and handle it transparently?

I have been suggesting this on the hackers list: Using CORBA to
provide APIs to system information.   

My reason was a different though: currently Unix lacks a standard API
for various tasks:

    - How do you add a service to inetd?
    - How do you add a user?
    - How to you add a pam module?
    - How do you register a new protocol in the system?
    - How do you create a new ppp dialup line?

My suggestion has been so far to provide a CORBA interface for various
of the system services and providing a name server/activation facility
like the one found on GNOME.

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