Re: Gnome Mail clients (Re: Is Balsa alive?)

> Balsa is not dead until Stuart Parmenter, its main author, declares it as such.
> Actually, development has stopped for about 3 months, but I am pretty confident
> it will restart again.

Well, development has stalled and Stuart is busy pursuing other
projects.  He has no interest in continuing the work in Balsa, so
someone has to continue it.

> Before I could put it on CVS, I have to finish the mail library
> which is basically influenced by JavaMail, MAPI and the IMAP RFC. I
> expect to release a first version of the library and a basic client
> in 2 months.

I am worried about this.

I have seen many times people start on projects that they are not able
to finish and they do stall the progress of other parts of the

I would like to see people conrtibute with this new effort or pick
from where Balsa stopped.  Do you have any suggestions on which parts
of the code can be done in paralell as you write your new API?

> It is OK to have dnd, filters, connection wizards, corba binding etc....
> but only if the underlying mailer works OK. And this is not the case 
> in balsa. 

I agree with your reasons.  But as I said before, we should try to
exploit paralelism as much as possible and have people start work on
other parts of the mail client while this new foundation is ready.

Best wishes,

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