Re: Gnome Mail clients (Re: Is Balsa alive?)

> On Tue, 06 Apr 1999 16:56:35 PDT, George Farris wrote:
> >Congrats on your project.  I would like to throw my request in for 
> >LDAP support.  Obviously this will come later rather than earlier 
> >but please consider it.  LDAP is picking up steam and support would 
> >be a good thing.  Netscape Mail, Pegasus (to bad he won't release 
> >the source) and yuk, Exchange all support LDAP.
> Perhaps it's related to a misunderstanding on your part of what I'm 
> working on (understandable) or on my part as to what LDAP is, but how 
> would that be relevant to a mail-checking library?  That is, all 
> libmailcheck is supposed to do is poll a mail source and notify 
> clients when there is new mail available at that source.  Isn't LDAP 
> a directory service?

Terribly sorry, I thought you said you were working on a mail 

George Farris - VE7FRG

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