Re: [Michael Bacarella <mbac nyct net>] GNOME architectural suggestion..

> Well, if we provide a real "good" CORBA interface for UNIX services like
> the above, this will also help other UNIXes.

Exactly.  This is my aim.  Erik Troan recently pointed me to some sort
of "Enterprise" effort/standard to do this sort of thin for Unix, but
it was not corba based.  

How this integrates with my master plan is still unknown:

> If we have the CORBA API, we can turn gnome-linuxconf into "gnome-unixconf"
> (some kind of ...) and it should be portable to any UNIX system. The only
> problem is to write the CORBA server on each system, but the client part
> will be the same.

Well, yes, sort of.  I dislike a lot the LinuxConf GUI, we can do
better ;-)


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