Re: Dependency proposal for gnome

Franklin Belew <> writes:

> Simple proposal...
> We add a DEPENDS file at the top of each tree
> sample:
> go/DEPENDS would contain "gnome-print", "gnome-xml" and "libhnj"
> each of these packages would also have a DEPENDS for themselves, all the way 
> down to glib that depends techincally on nothing special
> With these files, we can easily recurse through all the DEPENDS and create a 
> dependency tree using a CGI script or some other simple interface.
> Optionally, we could add a second argument for versions, and maybe find some 
> way of making get autogenerated, but lets try the simple approach first. :)

Why not use a mixture of `rpm -q --requires <package>' and
`rpm -q --whatprovides <thing>' on a cleanly installed RedHat / GNOME
system for this.

You can easily write some script which tracks all the dependencies of every
package this way.

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