Re: GNOME programming style standards?


>>>>> On Wed, 7 Apr 1999 18:35:09 -0500
>>>>> Miguel de Icaza <> said:

 Miguel> Linus has an extended jokee-rationale on why we should use
 Miguel> 8-space tabs, and this is what we should use in the
 Miguel> gnome-libs.

I wouldn't use this convention by myself, but will gladly obey a
maintainer's wish if I edit her code. But the style must be made

If every maintainer put Emacs Local Variables on the end of his files
people could know immediately what style he prefers. People using
Emacs would use it automatically. OTOH, figuring out where the braces
go in this file, counting indentation levels, finding and setting the
appropriate variables is just boring, and people tend to be lazy.

A "reindent" target for Emacs-impaired hackers would be no loss,


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