Re: System administration tool

> And then they're writing a GUI, reinventing the wheel.  CGI-style
> programming is faster, easier, and more familiar to many programmers.

I do not understand how CGI-style programming is faster than using a
GUI tool to design a form.  

> I'm well aware of that.  And, in the longer run, i may go for a
> CORBA-based solution.  But in the short run, i don't know enough about
> CORBA (especially within GNOME) to be comfortable with it.  

You do not need to know anything about CORBA and its GNOME
interaction.  Just check out the tutorials on CORBA in either, or the ones on

At least read them, and then tell me why you do not like that
approach.  But ditching a complete scheme because you have not studied
it makes me a bit nervous (speaking from personal experience here).

> And ORBit still isn't mature technology.

Wonder how are you measuring matureness of ORBit.  It is being used
all over GNOME: it works and any bugs reported are fixed with
rapidity.  Do you have any specific complains or it is just the lack
of "1.0" label on it?

> I stepped back from CORBA for practical reasons on getting good work
> done fast, and security worries that i don't yet know enough to
> resolve.

We can help you with the security issues, you run away implementing
the services, our team will help you with the security bits once you
have something written.

Best wishes,

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