New searching on

Hello everyone,

I'd like to let everyone know that the database is now
searchable.  You can go to: 

and search either pending, closed, or all bugs.

There are still some problems related to the recent hard drive crash, so
not all bugs are indexed, but most of them are there.  This should be
resolved within the next couple of days.

One of the intentions for this is so you can search for a potential bug
before you report it, in order to cut down on bugs.  Many bugs that have
been reported are not gnome-related, or have been submitted many times.
Please take the minute or two it takes to check for your bug before
reporting it.  (but don't hesitate from reporting)

Anyway, good luck with all the bug finding and fixing, and thanks to
everyone who has contributed to making GNOME what it is today.

Jacob Berkman

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