Re: gnome build tool

That rpmbuild script is a simple shell script.  It uses a few tricks like
rewriting the spec file, changing the buildroot if necessary and deleting
the %prep, %build and %install sections, using a temporary rpmrc file to
control where the resulting RPM is placed, and a few other hacks to get
rpm to create the rpm.

It should not be used for production builds where you want a reliable
reproducable build, but for dailly binary snapshots where the srpm is
unimportant, this tool is useful.  I use it personally, since it gives the
benefits of the rpm database (easy removal, verification and querying),
and I can then install those rpms on another computer easily.  It does
make the build less likely to complete without intervention, since both
the source code and the spec file need to be up to date for things to

If this still sounds useful, I can post the script here, or put it on my
ftp area.

James Henstridge.


> > There is a nice tool called rpmbuild, which, if I recall, is written
> > by the author of gnorpm.  With that tool, you do not have to rebuild
> > the whole thing again. So I would include that tool in the package.
> Is it portable?

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