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Hello hackers and Mr.Kacar,

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999 13:37:42 +0200
Drazen Kacar <> wrote:

> What about a condition where you cannot use a particular optimization
> flag with one of the packages, but it would work with everything
> else? For example, on Solaris with Sun's C compiler, imlib crashes
> in 24bpp code if compiled with anything above -O2. Everything else
> which can be compiled works fine, although I didn't try every bit of
> optimization the compiler is capable for.
> In a situation like this I want to use another set of CFLAGS (or even
> another compiler) for imlib. There should be a way to do this in a sane way.
> And, of course, for packages which can only be compiled with gcc or egcs,
> I'd want to use that compiler.

I would use a response file.  A response file would look like:
CFLAGS='-O99 -foptimize-or-die'

imlib_CFLAGS='-O2 -fno-optimize-or-die'

You would invoke gnome-build with:
gnome-build --response_file=/usr/src/gnome/config.rsp

> What about Debian packages? There is no spec file in that environment.
I have no knowledge about the deb package.  Debian experts out there,
please help.

> > There is a nice tool called rpmbuild, which, if I recall, is written
> > by the author of gnorpm.  With that tool, you do not have to rebuild
> > the whole thing again. So I would include that tool in the package.
> Is it portable?
Yes, it is a bash script.  You can get it at

> The current configure scripts don't provide a way to define one set
> of LDFLAGS for libraries and another for executables, which should
> be implemented.'s that are generated from's with automake
accept different LDFLAGS per final linker target.  Please check for
example, gnome-libs/libgnome/, for details.  We do not
need to implement anything special.  We just need to decide on the
syntax of the response file (and the way to pass those variables to
the configure script).

F.Y.I., as of version 1.2f, libtool has a new run-time linking
support.  You might want to check out the doc (, section
'Dlopened modules') to see if it satisfies your needs.

> As for config files, I suppose there should be a function in one
> of the main libraries, something like:
> char *gnome_conffile_get(char *path)
> If Gnome was installed in /opt/gnome and some program needs $prefix/etc/myrc
> file, it would call gnome_conffile_get("etc/myrc") and the function would
> return "/opt/gnome/etc/myrc". This requires a change in all programs,
> but it's minor, so I suppose it can be done over some period of time.
I wish it could be little more flexible too.  The developers are
aware of the issue and taking care of it, I think.  Anyway, this
seems to be outside of the scope of the proposed tool,so please allow me
to leave it here.


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