Building from CVS (gnome-common?)

I'm attempting to build various things from CVS, including gdm, bonobo,
glade, and numerous others.  I find that macros/ doesn't exist,
and when I find gnome-common/macros/ and copy or link it over, I find
intl/ missing.

It seems that I'm supposed to copy most of the contents of gnome-common
into a project directory before I can build it, even overwriting existing
directories (bonobo/intl/ exists with two files in it).  Is this indeed
the case, and if so, where is this fact documented?  Am I supposed to
overwrite files that already exist, or only copy in files that aren't
already there?

If this is standard procedure for building from CVS, is it possible to
modify the build scripts to look for gnome-common and do the appropriate
file copy or link as necessary?


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