Re: gnome-sound libraries


>>>>> On Mon, 12 Apr 1999 14:39:16 +0000 (/etc/localtime)
>>>>> drp <> said:

 drp> Yes, but it gnome-sound uses esound right now...I was thinking
 drp> more along the lines of adding functionality like that to
 drp> gnome-sound, as the layer's already
 drp> there...<libgnome/gnome-sound.h> has some rudimentary stuff in
 drp> there...

gnome-sound provides fallback functionality if esound or audiofile 
are missing. I think even this can be removed.

 drp> it'd be nice to have app developers not to have to worry about
 drp> linking against esound, or anything else besides gnome, for that
 drp> matter

What's the problem? gnome-config lists the libs for you. On proper
platforms a simple "-lgnome" (or "-lgnomeui") suffices.

That's somewhat like saying: it's a hassle to link with libjpeg, so
lets reimplement it in libgnomeui.

What would perhaps make sense, IMO, is to provide support for NAS as
an alternative to esound's transport system. Even this stuff is
probably better done in esound than in gnome-libs.


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