Re: GNOME Clipboard

Title: Re: GNOME Clipboard

> > I was thinking on starting coding a small GNOME Clipboard
> > utility. Is there somebody working on this? Is there something coded
> > in GNOME CVS to access the X clipboard?
> >What would the GNOME clipboard program do?
> Well, I was thinking on something similar to the Windows Clipboard Viewer or Xclipboard. Maybe > > adding some extra functionality...

I'm working with one...

(***The rest of this letter is copied form a previous letter I wrote to Miguel some time ago***)

The thing that I've written is a CORBA (read ORBit) based service there you can store/retreive typed data. The main idea is to provide a common way to cut/paste any kind of data between different applications, no matter if they are console apps, X apps or Gnome apps.

Windows can do this, but I've never fond a decent way to do this in UN*X.
(Mabye I've just doesn't know enough about UN*X.)

Anyway, the idea is allso to go a step further than Win32, and allow shared clipboards (cut/paste between different machines/users), clipboard history, filters (just like the XDND protocol, you tell the clipboard what kind of data you are interested in, and you get the laterst data of that kind that has been placed in the clipboard), and optionally the possibility to use different kinds of storages for the 'clips' (to make clipboard contents, or parts of the contents, persistent).

I do not know if there allready exists some mechanism in Gnome that allready could do all this.
Neither do I know if the way I have solved the trick is an especially good way, since I havn't dared to publish it yet...

(In case I've just reinvented the wheel... would be a bit embarrasing... :)

// Liss

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