AVFS: A Virtual File System, Version 0.4


AVFS version 0.4 is available from:

For those of you, who don't yet know, AVFS is library which provides
very similar functionality as Midnight Commander's VFS, (accessing
files inside archives, etc.). 

The major difference is that AVFS can be preloaded by the dinamic
linker, so every program can access virtual files without having to
modify or recompile them.

Extra functionality compared to MC VFS:

 - Write support for tar and gzip files
 - Built in handling of gzip and zip files (with zlib) improving performance

Still missing:

 - FTP, HTTP, etc.

I think, it would be a good idea to create a common interface for the
"handler" modules, so they could be used in both MC and AVFS. Pavel
Machek and other people in the gnome project also said, that this
would be good. So, if you would like to help in something like this,
then please write to me.


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