Re: The "no" command?

On Fri, Apr 23, 1999 at 04:11:49PM -0400, Jacob Christen wrote:
> best i can figure is configure is having problems when it gets to the gettext
> dependency...i've not the facilities to test it at the moment.  is it possibly
> that you do not have gettext or a valid substitute? check the output
> ./configure generates and see what it says about gettext.  maybe you need to
> install/re-install gettext?

I had the same problem with 2.0.36. This does not depend on the kernel version
but it seems the configure script needs a redhat specific program "no" which
is not installed on my system. 

I got around this by setting "GETMSG = getmsg" instead of "GETMSG = no".


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