Re: pipe question

You want to set up a signal handler for SIGCHLD.  It will be called when a
child process dies.  Just call wait() to get the child's exit status, then
do something to make the rest of your program aware of that the child has
died (set a variable to something, or add an idle function).  The signal
handler should not run for too long though.



On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Fox, Kevin M wrote:

> I am writing a program that needs to spawn off a program, wait for it to
> finish, and then continue executing while still refreshing itself.
> I was thinking:
> popen the program,
> have a timeout function that checks to see if the program has closed,
> continue when the program is done.
> One problem.
> I need a function similar to pclose in that it checks to see if the pipe is
> closed, but does not wait for the program to close if the pipe is not
> closed.
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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