Re: looking for GNOME+CORBA examples

>>>>> "MdI" == Miguel de Icaza <> writes:

  ecm> How to add idl interfaces to the ORBit Interface Repository? In
  ecm> ORBacus, for example, this is done using `irfeed'.

  MdI> We do not have an interface repository nor we are using one now
  MdI> (but one is being worked on). Currently, we install the idl
  MdI> files into $share/idl or something like that.

then I am lost ... on my system I say

   /opt/gnome/bin$ ./orbit-ird 
   Interface Repository: IOR:000000040000002149444c3a6f6d672e6f72672f4

then from Emacs

  (corba-orb-resolve-initial-references orb "InterfaceRepository")
  [cl-struct-corba-object "" "liszt"
   46518 "" nil nil]
Eric Marsden
It's elephants all the way down

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