Re: GnomeCanvasText with word-wrapping

>  I wonder if there is implementation
>  of GnomeCanvasText with word-wrapping. 
>  Text selection would be nice as well :)
>  Any suggestions ?

It depends on what you want to do.

The GnomeIconList widget and the GMC desktop icons both use the
GnomeIconTextItem object, which is a semi-hackish canvas item to
display word wrapped text and allow edition and selection.

This item has *very* idiosyncratic semantics, and it is definitely not
a general purpose text item.  Feel free to use it, or rip out code
from it if you want to write a canvas item that better suits your

Raph and Larry are working on a text item for Gill, and it should
eventually use all the sexy stuff in libhnj.  This would be ideal.  I
think it should/will not support text selection, since it is meant for
display, not for editing.

Hoever, if you are provided with a way to get font metrics within the
item's text, it would be trivial to overlay rectangle items that
invert the colors under them to show a selected region.


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