Re: GNOME plans (--> mail clients)

> why must the mailer have fetchmail and procmail built in?
> simple calls to Unix philosophy (small, self-contained apps used
> together (or by larger ones) to do various things...) aside:

1. because the gnome-mailer will nto work by "splitting" your mail.
   That is an ancient idea.  See the gnome-mailer cvs module to read.

2. Because I do not want to depend in the code quality of procmail.

3. Because procmail code is hard to maintain and ugly

> the argument that embedding these apps complicates the install
> process falls flat when one looks at GNOME's installation package (a
> marathon compilation session involving 20+ packages OR a bunch of rpms (to
> which adding fetchmail and procmail would not hurt anything)

I stopped using fetchmail when it started loosing my mail.  I now have
a nice ssh script that fetches my mail securely.  I do not want the
GNOME mailer to have "issues" in this regard.


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