Grammar problems in gnomecal

We all know that coders should try to avoid assembling phrases out
small pieces, because such practice creates unresolvable problems for
translators. English grammar is not as complex as other grammars.

One of the most difficult cases is an "eventedit" dialog in gnomecal.

We have there the following constract(just one of them):

                - [1,..,31] - [th day of the month]
[Recur on the]-
                - [1st,..,5th] - [Monday,...,Sunday]

Just  a few translations:

Recur on the 1st Monday   -- Povtor{ja}etsja v 1yj ponedel'nik
Recur on the 1st Thursday -- Povtor{ja}etsja v 1u{ju} sredu
Recur on the 2nd Thursday -- Povtor{ja}etsja vo 2u{ju} sredu

And that is not a good translation either.It better be
something like:

Povtor{ja}etsja kazhdyj 1yj ponedel'nik mes{ja}ca
Povtor{ja}etsja kazhdu{ju} 1u{ju} sredu mes{ja}ca
Povtor{ja}etsja kazhdu{ju} 2u{ju} sredu mes{ja}ca

 I do not know how that dialog should be changed to get around 
those problems, but I know it should not be left as it is right now.


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