Re: Grammar problems in gnomecal

> If the application uses strftime to format dates, the simple fix is to
> make sure that the format string is surounded by a call to gettext (the
> _() macro).  Then it should be a simple matter of creating a simple en_GB
> translation that only contains the fixed date formatting strings.  If you
> find an application that does not allow you to set a translation for the
> date format string, consider making a patch to send the author.  You could
> also send the en_GB translation with it.
> As an example of what to change, on line 146 of
> gnome-core/help-browser/history.c, you should change:
>   strftime(buf1, sizeof(buf1), "%b %d, %Y %H:%M", tstruct);
> to:
>   strftime(buf1, sizeof(buf1), _("%b %d, %Y %H:%M"), tstruct);

One might also consider:

       %x     The  preferred  date representation for the current
              locale without the time.

       %X     The preferred time representation for  the  current
              locale without the date.

Having an additional layer of translation seems a bit weird.

AmigaOS 2 did it fine 9-10 years ago, i'm sure we can work something out ...


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