Re: Grammar problems in gnomecal

On Tue, Aug 10, 1999 at 10:05:15AM -0400, Sergey I. Panov wrote:

[Snip: localisation issues; sentence structure etc. changes]
> > I think the idea is that you have a completely different UI, if the
> > semantics of one UI simply can't translate into another language.
>  Well, what I was trying to say in the original message, is that 
> interface should not be based on any type of the language structures.
>  There should be completely different interface, which would not be as nice
> as current one for the English speaking user, but would be easier to map into
> different languages.

That certainly makes it easier for translations. The example you've given,
in fact, I think I prefer in terms of presentation to what gnomecal
currently uses ...

>     ----------------------------- 
>  x |  Day of the month: [ 24 ]   |
>     -----------------------------
>     -----------------------------
>  o | Week of the month: [ 2 ]    |
>    |                             |
>    | Day of the week: [ Monday ] |
>     -----------------------------

Actually, I think that in general having a mixture of display and editable
fields (be they writable, pop-down menu, or whatever) that are used to make
a sentence look fairly poor. The above style strikes me as prettier, easier
to follow - as well as making translations easier. Anyone else agree? :)


  James Aylett                                                           

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