Re: corba/gnorba/bonobo documentation + misc question/ideas

--- Elliot Lee <> wrote:
> On 15 Aug 1999 04:42:32 -0400,
> <> wrote:
> >Well, as i allready said, this was qualitative: one
> thng which kills me is: 
> >take any window, and move it around the screen fast
> with the mouse. 
> >(alt+leftclick down) The movement will be allmost
> perfect with kde and will 
> >be really slow (saccaded, you know, no smooth
> motion) with the gnome.
> This is a function of your window manager. If the
> one you're using doesn't
> do it fast enough, switch. :)
> Keep those speed details coming! :)
> -- Elliot

This is slightly offtopic, but semi relevent.

GNOME apps seems to be slower, partly because of the GTK themes. If you
use a pixmap based theme resizing or moving windows can at times show
the individual elements of the window being drawn. Not REALLY slowly,
but noticable enough. This even occurs on a fast machine (450 PII, 256M
ram, G200, MTRR initailised).

KDE 'themes' tend to be simple color themes rather than
the more complex image based ones.

The apps themselves may not be slower but  they are percieved to be
because of the speed they are drawn onto the screen.

I now there was talk recently of removing Imlib from the GNOME
libraries for the (better/faster ?) GdkPixBuf stuff.

Will this include the gtk theme engines as well ?? 

Might this improve the percieved 'speed' of the apps.

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