Re: GNOME Organization Master Plan

>    Something that we might want to look into is providing a
> trouble-shooting system for GNOME to allow people to trouble shoot
> problems in GNOME and the Unix system.

	One of the best features I've seen in Microsoft Windows is their
troubleshooter system.  While is does no good for *real* problems, it does
solve 80% of the problems that are caused by newbies not understanding how
the system works.  The MS network troubleshooter and print troubleshooter
are good examples.

	Perhaps we should put together a requirements list for some kind
of Gnome "Expert System" application--it would simply read a database/text
file (that could be distributed with Gnome) and ask questions of the user.
Based on the yes/no responses, it would hold the user's hand through
troubleshooting the problem.

	It could even write a log file that could be emailed to the dev
list for consideration.

	Is this what you had in mind, Miguel?

--Derek Simkowiak

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