Re: GNOME Organization Master Plan

> 	  Perhaps we should put together a requirements list for some kind
> of Gnome "Expert System" application--it would simply read a database/text
> file (that could be distributed with Gnome) and ask questions of the user.
> Based on the yes/no responses, it would hold the user's hand through
> troubleshooting the problem.

We do not need an expert system.  We just need to organize the list of
possible problems and let the user find its way to the problem.

For example:

[Section:My Printer does not work]

[Click here if the printer turned on]=>PrinterOnPage
[Click here if the printer is not turned on]=>PrinterOffPage


[Click here if the printer has paper]=>PrinterIsOnAndHasPaper
[Click here if the printer has no paper]=>PrinterIsOnWithoutPaper


Turn the printer on

Geez, have no idea.


Please put paper on the printer.


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