Re: dynamic library question

I thought you were talking about the static keyword outside of function
blocks (as I said in my message).  I think I answered the question anyway.
The static variables inside functions are per-application data.  With
dynamic libraries, only code and non-modifiable data are shared between



On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, Daniel Weber wrote:

> James Henstridge wrote:
> > The static keyword on functions and variables is simply a scoping keyword
> > when used outside of a block.  It is similar to the private keyword in
> > C++/Java.
> >
> > With dynamic libraries, only the code section and const data portions are
> > shared between applications.  Other data is per application.
> >
> > James.
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> For some reason I was under the impression that the static keyword inside a
> function meant that the value of the variable would be maintained between
> function calls.  If the code in question is a shared library, where would the
> variable be stored and linked?

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