Meta-Application again...

Once upon a time Ferdinando Villa <> wrote

>	I'm not a GNOME developer and I've never posted here, so I
>	This leads easily to the idea of a 'meta-application
> interface' as a core desktop functionality, where users can 'patch'
> applications together graphically (connecting their icons with the
> mouse), save their meta-application to the desktop, and use it as a
> single app. At the very simplest level this allows to use the UNIX
> pipe mechanism graphically: e.g. to print text files as postscript, I
*etc... snip*

You can do this with bonobo. You can let a containee connect to a container,

Now, I've got a question.
Has anybody written / begun to write a configuration utility that allows you
to predefie these bonobo connections?

Something like
 #connect server::obj_name::interface to server2::obj_name::interface
 default connect *::*::bonobo_containee to
 connect my_app::view*::bonobo_containee to my_thing::*::bonobo_container

or similar.
In short, a framework that stores persistent information about how different
bonobo objects should be connected on startup, and with the possibility to
change this during runtime.

Does something like this exist (in Gnome, or for ORBit), or has it to be
( And if so, what is it called, so I can download it? :)

Does the CORBA2.2 talk about some kind of CORBA service for this purpose.
I've read about services to store persistant information about CORBA
objects, CORBA interfaces, etc, but I've never heard about a service that
manages persistant *connections* between CORBA objects.

// Liss

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