Re: Meta-Application again...

> Once upon a time Ferdinando Villa <> wrote

> >       I'm not a GNOME developer and I've never posted here, so I
> *snip*
> >       This leads easily to the idea of a 'meta-application
> > interface' as a core desktop functionality, where users can 'patch'
> > applications together graphically (connecting their icons with the
> > mouse), save their meta-application to the desktop, and use it as a
> > single app. At the very simplest level this allows to use the UNIX
> > pipe mechanism graphically: e.g. to print text files as postscript, I

> *etc... snip*

> You can do this with bonobo. You can let a containee connect to a container,
> etc...

> Now, I've got a question.
> Has anybody written / begun to write a configuration utility that allows you
> to predefie these bonobo connections?

This is largely the goal of The Loci Project:

We have since contacted Ferdinando, who wrote the original message.  Loci will be very much a GNOME application, making use of ORBit, GDOME, Bonobo, etc.


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