Re: corba/gnorba/bonobo documentation + misc question/ideas

>  2) this is just an idea: was wondering : why not having a window manager 
>  using some special gtk widgets to decorate windows ? this is stupid ? or 
>  allready on the work ? this would instanously give us an enlightenment like 
>  window manager... Perhaps is this much too slow.

Jay Painter is working on this.  It is available from cvs.

>  3) does libart use gdk at the lowest level ? or xlib ?

Libart does not interact at all with the window system; it is just a
rendering library that outputs to RGB(A) buffers.  Users of libart are
free to use whatever they want --- the GNOME canvas uses Gdk and
GdkRGB to render those RGB buffers to a drawable.

>  4) i used kde 6 months ago and gnome since then. Some friends used kde, still 
>  use kde and tried gnome: they agree with me. Why are gnome applications much 
>  slower than kde ? This is really noticeable even on fast machines and my P 
>  233 with 96MB and 2MB video really IS slow. I understand that many parameters 
>  may go into such a question and the question itself does not make much sense 
>  but it is something i can see and it makes me angry.

First of all, make sure you are not running the pixmap theme engine.

Second, is this really noticeable?  This is not easy to measure.  We
are always happy to take patches that fix performance issues in GNOME.
Proper profiling needs to be done to see what is slow in the

>  5) last one, hopefully :) Is there something planned to implement something 
>  like kde's file library: the one which abstracts completely applications from 
>  the network and allows any app to work on distant files. I think this is near 
>  gmc's virtual file system but this file system is not really available to 
>  other applications than gmc. am i wrong ?

Ettore's new VFS library should address these issues.


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